the Valdric's Study: kitchen, canteen and living room.
b e g i n n i n g
t h e    s u i t e
r o o m s
s u r r o u n d i n g s
i n f o r m a t i o n
c o n t a c t


With all care of details, the stay of the dining room has been conceived to enjoy the best moments and the best dishes.





An extense distributor in the first floor drives in the different rooms, with own key each of them, and to the stair that will bring us to the kitchen-canteen-living room totally equipped with TV, DVD, fridge, oven, air-conditioning, digital stoves, microwave, dishwasher, etc. of the Valdric's Study.

When leaning out of the stairway, the roof of the wide attic of the lodging is guessed. This space is reserved for a beautiful kitchen-dining room divided in three very separate atmospheres.       
Besides the reserved space to prepare all the foods with the whole necessary furniture, there are two living rooms that create an unique climate to open the way to the most amusing after-dinner gatherings. For sure you will pass unforgettable moments!
There is a bathroom in the center of the corridor. Completely equipped, it offers the visitor the possibility to take a shower or a comfortable bathroom. 
As the rest of the lodging, all the details have been selected carefully to give a pleasant climate in this dependence.
?Do not doubt in asking Mercè for all what you need. Although we always take care of all the details, perhaps you can find in lack some accessory.

Your satisfaction is our occupation.