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The sea and the vicinity of the beaches of Arenys, they constitute one of the most important attractiveness in the area. If you want it we will inform you of the places more importants of the district


Among the possibilities that you have to discover the advantages of the district, they are the horsy of the proximities. A walk to horse is always amusing and restorative!


The outside of the lodging has an unique environment and fully of possibilities. 
Besides their gardens, you can enjoy a comfortable bath in the pool.

Also if you prefer it, you can take advantage of the Maresme's sun and of mediterranean vegetation's advantages in anyone of the l'Anxaneta gardens. From getting ready a barbecue until going for a walk for the roads that surround the house. You will be wrapped in the Nature.

      A distracted reading, a good conversation, the pleasure to take a coffee or a tea, or simply to enjoy a warm sun, they are some of the relaxed activities that can be done on the 's  terraces.

       From the streets of the housing development ways that bring come out to the Castle of Can Jalpí where hiking, sport of adventure, can be made photograph the environment and the lake, to take away something from the bar of the park having the calmness and the environment. They have books of journeys, newspapers and magazines for the public.
 Excursions to the sea

L'Anxaneta is in a hill eraised on Arenys de Mar and the pre-coast Maresme's mountain. For this reason, when the guest looks toward the East he guesses the infinity of possibilities that the near Mediterranean offers him. The beaches of Caldes d'Estrach, of Arenys and of the Costa Brava, the marine walks near towns (going through the Englishmen walk of Caldetes) and the summer atmosphere that wraps the environment, wrappes this festivity feeling.

 Excursions to the mountain

If what you like is the mountain, multitude of routes and paths looks for you very near here. Routes to horse, trecking (so much in Arenys de Mar as in Arenys de Munt), routes with bicycle, sports of adventure in "Jalpí Aventura", are some of the most excellent attractiveness.
If besides living the Nature you like the sport, the golf centers of Sant Cebrià, of Llavaneres or of Sant Vicens of Montalt, they offer you the possibility to meet with the purest atmosphere and care of the environment.
 Other cultural activities
Besides the amusement activities, a wide and varied cultural offer exists in the surroundings. Among other, the gastronomic culture of the district, is one of the richest and flavorful that can tast.
The Roca's apples or their cherry trees of Arenys de Munt, "the pessolada" of Caldetes, the squids, the shrimps and the lobster of Arenys de Mar, they are some of the specialties of the district.
The cultural wealth and the wisdom of the inhabitants of the Maresme, they are reflected along the popular parties that take place along the different stations. You will find in them an loved reason, a brushstroke of good feelings that for sure they will satisfy you.
The guided visit of Salvador Espriu's route and of the Cemetery of Sinera in Arenys de Mar is a good sample of the poetry in the area.
 Interesting links
As long as you organize your stay it more amusingly possible, we attach you next some addresses and links of interest that will help you to decide how you want your time to happen. Spas, museums and tourism in general are some of the proposals that we present you:
We also advise you a visit to the museums:
Museum Frederic Marès de la punta
Subject: Cushion tips
Address: Carrer Església, 41-43 08350 Arenys de Mar 
Telephone: 937921784
Museum Mollfulleda de mineralogía

Subject: Mineralogy
Address: Carrer Església, 39
08350 Arenys de Mar 
Telephone: 937922626

From L'Anxaneta we will inform you of that that you want to visit.