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The Valdric's Study
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A distributor of English style, leads to guests to each one of the three rooms. La Pinya, L'Agulla and La Folre are the three dependences of the lodging. All they have some unique sights.


Three comfortable double rooms prepared to make you the stay the most pleasant thing possible, they are to your disposition so that you enjoy an incomparable and replete atmosphere of sensations. You will find in each corner a reason to feel main character in the lodging. Each room has a personality. With which of them do you identify yourselves?






This room has been designed for those guests that prefer to savor a calmed awakening and without hurries. The climate created within la pinya favors the continuation of the dream while the sunbeams are introduced gradually among their curtains.



The Folre is a room with a calm and robust character. Light fully during the whole day and oriented to the south, it allows to see the coolness of the forest through the perfume that wraps the peace of the surroundings. To breathe the morning's dew, it will surely evoke your deeper sensations.




In a more juvenile style, l'agulla has an energetic and dynamic spirit. Their vivid colors communicate their vitality to the guests that it welcomes. Enter and feel their influences. You will wake up as new!       

Fresh and natural, their sights give to the forest that wraps to the lodging. A good reading before taking the dreams, will transport you to the magic world of the Arenys's forests.





Each room has some sights and an unique atmosphere. Thought until the last detail, their decoration seeks to make you some very special guests. A place in which to feel like at home is something natural.