the anxaneta suite
b e g i n n i n g
r o o m s
the Valdric's Study
s u r r o u n d i n g s
i n f o r m a t i o n
c o n t a c t


The brightness of this room will stimulate you. The whole stay is flooded of light and all their details take a more beautiful shade.



The main room is a very elegant suite. Decorated to most typical English style, it is set in one of the most magic atmospheres in the guesthouse. You will find the whole withdrawal that you had always imagined.  
       The furniture is not the only secret that makes of this suite a reserved space for the sybarites of the most exquisite senses. The Nature that enters through the windows caresses sweetly... 

... each one of the objects of the suite. The light is the true main character of this room. The dreams takes life in the onyric world of the guests in an almost real way when the awakening of the day blunts to the east.

If you notice in your environment, you will be surprised about how easy it is to enjoy, so much of the awakening as of sleeping. The room wants to give you thousands of sensations that will make feel only.
In this suite you have a bathroom decorated in marble, located in the entrance of the room. 
Allow you to take for the magic of the water and their murmur when sliding for the corners of the bathroom.

  The life seems different to sharing emotions from this suite with so much charm. The dreams won't be the same ones, the air will be different, the light will become clearer when you rest here.